Services we offer Physicians

As a physician, you seek to provide  the best possible care to your patients. In turn, You look to align yourself with a  Home Health Agency that you can trust to reflect your practice’s values.


​You can depend on Prime Home Health Agency to:


​1.Listen to you, the Physician, in order to  learn how to better serve the patient and deliver the highest level  of care.


​2. Always treat your staff with dignity and respect.


​3. Deliver high quality care through the staffing of knowledgeable, well-trained,  and well-equipped nurses.

  1. Provide clear and timely reporting through DeVero (a cloud based system that allows each Physician access to their patients records any time of the day).


​5. Provide a more efficient  document interaction for your office staff through the use of DeVero’s electronic signature capabilities.


​6. Make every effort to take on even the toughest cases.


​7. Accept most insurances.


​8. Help you to qualify for Care Plan Oversight simply and efficiently